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Kelowna Real Estate Agents – What makes an excellent agent?

Kelowna’s real estate market it’s a booming, yet tricky one. There are plenty of opportunities here, in the heart of BC’s wine country, but there is also a lot of friendly competition, as in every healthy, prosperous market. The housing prices and types differ here, and you can basically find anything you want, on one condition: that you work with the best Kelowna real estate agents. If your agent is not a very experienced or skilled one, or if they are not honest, you may end up regretting your choice and that is a pity because Kelowna has a lot of excellent opportunities to offer. So, the obvious question is what makes an excellent agent? How can you know if you are working with Kelowna’s best realtor?

The problem solver
When you first meet your real estate agent, try to find out if they are problem solvers and quick thinkers. Whether you are buying or selling property, you need an agent that will not choke when problems appear. You need somebody with the mindset to conquer the world; someone who will find creative ways to transform problems into opportunities.

Honesty above everything else
As in every domain, in real estate there are honest professionals who value integrity and have strong principles, and there are also shady realtors who are only looking for a quick gain. How can you make a difference between those two types? Ask your agent about issues with the house you are planning to buy or about problems with the property you are selling. If they avoid your question and fail to answer straight forward, it means that they are not being honest with you. A true professional will let you know all the factors (even the not so pretty ones) from the beginning and avoid wasting both your time and their time.

Genuinely interested in properties
The difference between and an agent that is passionate about what they do and an agent that only does their job is the difference between a getting the house of your dreams and settling for a satisfying property. If you agent has a genuine interest in houses and architecture, they can spot both issues and hidden potential right away. You will have access to the expertise of a professional who only has your best interest in their mind.

Compelling speech and engaging personality
A realtor doesn’t just sell houses. They sell themselves. If you feel that you can have a meaningful and interesting conversation with your agent and you are seduced by their charm, so will potential buyers and sellers feel. A true professional has a compelling speech, motivating you to take action and is a people person. They can adapt to different audiences and are able to have interesting conversations, regardless of the topic.

At G&G Real Estate, we train realtors to become Kelowna’s best real estate agents. Our team is made of professionals who love their job and are excellent at it while maintain strong principles. Get in touch with one of our highly skilled realtors and discover the wonderful opportunities that await you in the real estate market in Kelowna.